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Our Food

Lamb, beef and goat are grown on our properties.

Local produce and seasonal happenings are on the menu purchased fresh from places like the weekly Willunga Farmers Market.

In our kitchen we make our breads, pasta, sauces and sweet treats.

The secret to Andy's bread may well be the amount of passion he puts into making it, but organic flour from Laucke, a cross culture of yeast and Andy's own 'mother' that he has been nurturing for 30 years, also go part way to explaining the bread's exceptional quality and flavour.

Northern Italian influence...sharing our family favourites and unique dishes.

Menus for events at 'Our Place' are planned in true Italian style, according to what is best and in season. Lucky diners may feast on steaming plates of hand made gnocchi with 'Willungian' pesto made using locally grown almonds or delicately folded Tortellini Mantovana, stuffed with pumpkin and amaretto with a hint of nutmeg. Main courses often feature tender beef from the property or capretto, goat meat from the South African Boers raised by Andy and the family. A freshly filled Sicilian cannolo is the perfect finale with an espresso before guests roll out the door.

Our Place Recipes

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